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A keen engineering interface sets Western CNC apart from others in the industry. Our engineering staff partner with your development team to evaluate your manufacturing needs, making recommendations for reducing costs and improving quality.

Solid Modeling
With sophisticated CAD/CAM software, we provide solid modeling that enables you to view your product in 3-D. You can see your product as a virtual model, analyze its physical properties and make changes prior to prototyping and production.

Our Engineering software includes SolidWorks and Mastercam. We work with all types of customer supplied files and images, imported via modem:

  • Acis File - .SAT
  • Autocad - .DWG
  • Drawing Exchange Format - .DXF
  • IGES - .IGS
  • Parasolid - .X_T
  • Stereo Lithography - .STL
  • SolidWorks Drawing File - .SLDDRW
  • SolidWorks Part File - .SLDPRT